Welcome to my 40before40 series!!!

So glad to have you here to witness me pursuing some big and small goals before I enter another decade. Goal setting is huge for me. I feel many of our dreams are achieved by setting small goals to accomplish. We look back at what we once thought was unattainable and realized we’ve rocked it out.

Below you will find 40 goals I have set for myself . Here’s how the blog works…

  • Any goal that I am actively pursuing at the moment will read IN PROGRESS.

  • If I have completed it, COMPLETED (yay for me)

  • Noothing, I haven’t started yet but trust me it’s coming.

    Under each goal, I share old school journal blogging format. Remember those days? I just write or share video on my progress, updates, tips and advice, what I have learned and a little more.

Hope you enjoy following me!!!