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I’m Andrea Fenise, passionate multidisciplinary creative and social entrepreneur. I am also a mom of two that is holding on to my own dreams.  

As a multidisciplinary creative and social entrepreneur, I explore the essence of creativity and influence through impactful stories, events, and experiences at the intersection of creativity, community, and storytelling. 

My philosophy on life and work has always been and surely will always be, creatively living for a living. Whether working on a construction site as an architectural photographer or archiving the ways of black women or telling stories for In Search of Our Garden,  I live my work. 


Currently, I am working with community development organizations with social media management, content creation, and placemaking. I am also deeply immersed in an ongoing development project rebuilding my great grandmother's home and a few archival projects.


I'd love to work with you or share more of my work with you. 

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